Meet Your Photographer

 “Love was a dance floor where everyone you loved left a mark behind.”- Lauren Kate

Let me paint a picture for you. Imagine a shy farm girl,  thrust her into a world filled with the loss of beloved family members, college and a whirling relationship with a dashing, southern boy soldier, add a camera and a whole lot of love that could only be remembered in pictures and you pretty much know my whole story. 

       I’m Devin, a born and bred country girl with a passion for the simple things in life such as great friends, good music and memorable times along with horses, fairy tales and aviator sunglasses.  “A picture can tell a thousand words”- a phrase we all have heard but to me photographs have the ability to let us travel back in time to where we were most happy and with people we cherish no matter where they are or if it has been a day or a 100 years. They are memories, the only tangible evidence that WE LIVED, WE LOVED, WE LOST and above all.... We Belonged. 

        Becoming a photographer was a choice I had no idea I would be making back in high-school, sure I loved taking pictures. But experimenting with a flash in the dead of night, camping with your sister, trying to catch her making a stupid face didn’t really count. Today when I look back I am beyond thankful that the bumpy roads I have traveled lead me to this and I won’t ever look back. Being a photographer isn’t a job for me, it’s a privilege. With that word, thankyou for visiting me here and perhaps in the future allowing me to capture some of your memories to last lifetimes.